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  Galleria struttura Fiano
You can easily get to Fiano Romano Breeding: from Roma Nord high-way turn-off, just head for Fiano and cover about five kilometres.
The structure includes fifteen boxes that you can award five star ones. All the boxes are tiled with brick, with zincplated electrowelded wire net and with conditioned air system.
There is an inside delivery room, two completely covered nurseries, two boxer for therapies or isolation, six boxes 50 quater (mq) metres with, four outside boxes with the extension of 150 mq each.
Surrounded by a green beatiful landscape, Fiano breeding is supervised straight by Pier Paolo Ferilli, who takes care day by day of the puppies abd the adults, personally oversees the puppies' weaming and chooses for them the new masters according to the bookings received.
Any single dog you can see exposed was born in this centre, moved its first step on the lawn that surrounded its box, tried its first barking, before it cuold try the confortable carpets in its new home!
  Viterbo's structures
Viterbo's Breeding rises on a beautiful valley looking out on Tarquinia' coastline. It's a great extent farm, about 3 hectares wide. Placed at 500 mt from SS Cassia, between Viterbo e Vetralla at km number 72,4, it's immersed among the tuscia olive trees, wich surround the structure so much to obstruct the sight of the boxes from above.
The structure is provided with a regular, illuminated training field, bar, club-house, wide parking areas, a small wood, mini-box for dog-parking and a wide renge of facilities. The structure is made of two different sectors:
the Great Danes and Boxers' breeding and the boarding house.
It holds 70 boxes of different sizes: the smallest room for a box is 18 mq; the widest box can reach a space of 300 mq, all the boxes are brick tiled, covered, isulated, heated, endowed with a running water system and confortable caoutchouc platforms. In the structure there's a full-time keeper the hosted dogs are feeded according to the habits and the need. The centre's veterinarm takes care of the dogs with frequent examinations, eventually taking agreement with the dog's owner upon the treatments prescribed.
In the centre there are 5 delivery rooms, where you can shelter your bitches in labour, receiving qualified assistance and treatment until the delivery and for all the nursing stage.
We invite you to contact us for all your needs because the centre is able to supply any request.